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What MW2 weapon suits you?

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Assault Rifle Pictures

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Community Classes

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These are some classes made by the xbox 360 forum communityย ๐Ÿ˜€


Primary- M16/M4A1 With red dot

Secondary- M9 akimbo

Perk 1- Sleight of hand pro
Perk 2- Cold blooded pro
Perk 3- Last stand pro

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BCF.. Close range [Domination]

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Ump.45 w/ rapid fire
AA-12 or SPAS

Claymore ; Stun Grenade x2

Scavenger [Pro]
Stopping Power [Pro]
Steady Aim [Pro]

BKF.. Invisibility

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Sick of your chopper gunner getting shot down? Tired of getting a 7 killstreak for nothing? Well help is here ๐Ÿ˜€

5 – Predator Missile
6 – Precision Airstrike
9 – Stealth Bomber

5 – Predator Missile
9 – Stealth Bomber
11 – AC130

3 – UAV
4 – Counter UAV
5 – Predator Missile

Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S If your feeling lucky: 11 – AC130, 15 – EMP, 25 – Nuke ๐Ÿ˜‰

BCF.. Nuke

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Face it. Everybody secretly wants a nuke, even if they dont have it set on. Well I’m going to try help you get one ๐Ÿ™‚

ACR [Any attachment] ; UMP45 [Any attachment]
Model 1887 [Akimbo]

Claymore ; Flash Grenade x2

Scavenger [Pro]
Cold-Blooded [Pro]
Ninja ; SitRep [Pro]
Any deathstreak, you wont be using it.

7 – Harrier Strike
11 – Chopper Gunner
25 – Tac Nuke

UMP45; Stick to the sides of the map. Do laps around the map, killing snipers or people who just respawned. Watch your back!
ACR; Find a building to protect and plant a claymore at the entrance that most of the time you will not be facing. ie. on Karachi put a claymore at the top of ladders. Everytime somebody dies go back and collect their ammo, put the Claymore back up. Stay Medium Range. If you only have a claymore on one entrance, watch out!

BCF.. Starters

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Just starting playing? I guess you find it hard doing well because of all the high players, well I’ll try help you.

M4A1 [Red Dot Sight]
Spas-12 [Grip]

Frag Grenade; Stun Grenade x2

Sleight Of Hand [Pro]
Stopping Power [Pro]
Steady Aim [Pro]

UAV – 3 kills
Care Package – 4 kills
Predator Missile – 5 kills

Tips: Play Team Deathmatch until you feel good enough to play Free For All. Stick with your team and as you get better you can begin to leave them and be more independent.